Colorful Cactus Magnet, Pin Back Button, or Pocket Mirror


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This colorful cactus is available as:
- 1 inch magnets and pins
- 1.25 inch magnets and pins
- 2.25 inch magnets, pins, and pocket mirrors

Cactus magnets, pin back button, and pocket mirrors are created from high quality prints of my original painting Happy Cactus using professional button parts and a hand cranked button maker. The design features a cactus in a round purple pot. The background is magenta with vertical lines and a purple table. 1 inch magnets and pins are the same size as my magnet and pin sets. They are about the size of a quarter. The 1.25 inch size is my most popular size for pins. The largest size 2.25 inches is popular for decorative magnets for the fridge, large pins, and cute pocket mirrors. The magnets are perfect for decorating your fridge, filing cabinet, magnetic white board, and more. Pin back buttons are fun to wear and collect. Pocket mirrors are great for your purse, desk, or give as a gift. Scroll through this listing’s images to see how the 3 sizes compare.

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Style: 1 inch magnet