Go Make Art Magnet, Pin, or Mirror


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Here is a friendly reminder for the creative in your life - Go Make Art! Make something every day.

Go Make Art is available as:
- 1 inch magnets and pins (25.4mm)
- 1.25 inch magnets and pins (31.75mm)
- 2.25 inch magnets, pins, and pocket mirrors (57.15mm)

Go Make Art is hand drawn with words are in yellow ochre, green, and purple. A paint brush is hand drawn between the words make and art. The background is a bright orange. This is a fun gift for an artist, art student, art teacher, or other creative person.

Magnets, pins, and mirrors are created with high quality prints of my original art on my professional hand cranked Tecre button maker using quality parts in my Annapolis studio. 1 inch magnets and pins are the same size as my magnet and pin sets. They are about the size of a quarter. The 1.25 inch size is my most popular size for pins. The largest size 2.25 inches is popular for decorative magnets for the fridge, large pins, and cute pocket mirrors. Magnets are perfect for decorating your fridge, filing cabinet, magnetic white board, and more. Pin back buttons are fun to wear and collect. Pocket mirrors are great for your purse, desk, or give as a gift.

Magnets, pins, and pocket mirrors are fun gifts for any time! Consider them for party favors, stocking stuffers, office or teacher gifts, thank you gifts, and more.

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Style: 1 inch magnet