Inclusion is a Right - Disability Rights Pin or Magnet


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Inclusion is a Right! People with disabilities should be able to be everywhere - whether it is in the community, stores, and theaters OR in a typical classroom with peers in school.

This design features a yellow wheelchair symbol on a decorative yellow background with the words inclusion is a right in black. Choose from:
- 1 inch magnets and pins
- 1.25 inch magnets and pins
- 2.25 inch magnets, pins, and pocket mirrors

All magnets, mirrors, and pins are made in my Annapolis, Maryland studio. I use high quality prints of my original art, professional button parts, and a hand cranked button maker. 1 inch magnets and pins are the same size as my magnet and pin sets. They are about the size of a quarter. The 1.25 inch size is my most popular size for pins. The largest size 2.25 inches is popular for decorative magnets for the fridge, large pins, and cute pocket mirrors.

Please select all options.

Style: 1 inch magnet

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